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Words Of Encouragement For Your Life

Forgiving Yourself.

Forgiving Yourself. Today, as I sat in church listening to the message many thoughts ran through my mind. It wasn’t your typical sermon for Mother’s Day (which was kind of … Continue reading

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Random Bits of Wisdom

Random Thoughts: If you don’t deal with your own stuff/issues & keep ignoring them, they’ll seep into every other area of your life. Sometimes you have to be alone to … Continue reading

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When GOD Gets You Out…Don’t Run Back In

There are soooo many times I’ve gotten myself into a tough spot, or a bad place, or a potentially dangerous situation because I wanted my own way.  Although not all … Continue reading

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“Likes” Aren’t Real Life

It’s been some years since I entered the land of social media.  It is its own entity.  It should have its own zip code.  Maybe even its own country code.  … Continue reading

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Shake Yourself FREE

You Yes, you! You’ve been lost. You’ve been tangled in the maze of the familiar. But now you must shake yourself FREE from folly, from indecision, from old patterns that keep … Continue reading

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Motives 11/10/2016

Upon following the post-election social media storm (still in progress) – I see passionate people expressing varied views.  My personal election viewpoints aside, I felt the need to express myself in … Continue reading

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Delay & Denial = Set Up For Success

Sometimes we wonder why there are delays and denials. We wonder why some things don’t work out and some do.  We wonder at the timing of life events. We get … Continue reading

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